Pacific Valley Culture


Our logo is a cross, symbolising our faith and devotion to Christ as the cornerstone. We are geographically located in the Clarence Valley. Pacific means peace and the purpose of the school community is to create and exude peace within our community. The team of staff at Pacific Valley are committed to sharing the peace the Holy Spirit gives them with students and families. As a Christian educational community, we have chosen the symbol to represent the essence of our school as being Christ centred. The secondary element of the green toning, reflects the link in our school name to the Pacific Region and the country and green farmland

Strategic Alliances – Meet Our Friends

Pacific Valley Christian School recognises that it is part of the larger collection of Christian Educators and Communities. We know that we gain value from interacting with groups who share our heart for seeing lives changed by God to serve in His world. Together with our friends and allies we celebrate unity of purpose; diversity of context; faithfulness in fellowship.

Sister Schools

The Sister Schools program supports links between like-minded school communities fostering mutual encouragement and practical connections of staff and students.