Pacific Valley is passionate about investing into the creativity of our students, which is developed through the variety of subjects on offer. Our skilled teachers have backgrounds in drama, visual arts, music, design and food. Our students enjoy a range of extra curricula activities and engaging learning experiences. We have passionate and creative educators who hope to see the arts develop and thrive by encouraging the talents of their students.

With the support of our Principal, the school aims to continually encourage and showcase a range of creative talent. Each year there are many opportunities to showcase aptitude. Students are able to be nurtured in a small community and often achieve because of the dedication and support of teachers. These events are arranged to develop students’ experience and to build confidence and maturity in their skills.

Excursions are also planned for our students, which support their learning in an extra-curricular environment. Students experience professionals utilising their talents and gifts outside the school. Creativity is a God-given gifts and is celebrated at Pacific Valley. We feel it is important to not only nurture the academic aspects of our students, but also their creative gifts.