Senior School

Christ the Centre

We are excited to partner with you in educating your child, nurturing their gifts and supporting them in recognising and using the gifts God has given them.

As a School we firmly believe in making a genuine commitment to academic excellence in an environment which accommodates learning and growth within the context of a Christian Worldview. The Pacific Valley Senior School includes students from Year 7 to Year 12 and is focused on the holistic development of student’s, so they are well prepared for life beyond school. This includes preparation for tertiary studies and vocational pathways, and also involves equipping students with the skills and values necessary to make positive contributions and become leaders in their local and international communities.

The staff of Pacific Valley Christian School believes the school is a living Christ-centred community and are thankful to be part of a dedicated team. They have expressed their joy to work alongside genuine, supportive and caring people who are committed to the whole child’s wellbeing. All the staff at Pacific Valley Christian School have a deep understanding of the privilege it is to serve our students and families. They work hard to create a nurturing community where all members feel a strong sense of belonging.

Biblical Studies is a compulsory subject for all secondary Students at Pacific Valley Christian School.

A key aspect of this course of study is ‘serving others’. This concept is fostered not only within the Biblical Studies course but also through a commitment to provide students with genuine opportunities for service both locally and abroad through the Pacific Valley Missions Program.

Years 11-12 Focused Higher School Certificate (HSC)

At Pacific Valley Christian School your child will be provided with a rich variety of academic and non-academic opportunities in Year Eleven and Twelve structured in an innovative Focused HSC pattern that is designed to decrease exam stress and maximises student choices.

For Year 11 and 12 students, Pacific Valley Christian School uses a vertical model (also referred to as the Compressed System) to deliver the HSC program. In this model, students’ study requirements for the HSC are completed over a conventional two-year period; however, both the Preliminary and HSC components of some of the Stage 6 courses (excluding Mathematics and English) are completed in one calendar year rather than two.