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Holistic Development

Pacific Valley is focused on multiple aspects of your child's development which is why we teach beyond the curriculum. We complement core learning with opportunities designed to suit the variety of age groups and personality types which we have in our student body. These activities help to develop 'soft skills' and build character.

Music practice on keyboard
Student band practice

PacV Enrich

If your child excels in certain subjects, we offer programs for gaining higher expertise. For reading and writing enthusiasts, we have the Prime Minister's Spelling Bee, NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, and PVCS Library Reading Challenge. Maths students from Year 3 onwards can compete in Australian Maths Trust, Maths Online, Australian Mathematics Competition, Newcastle Permanent Primary Mathematics Competition, Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, and Kangourou sans Frontières.

Additionally, students participate in globally renowned International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). These programs start in Year 2, tailored to individual interests and goals. They cover Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, and Science, involving both individual and group work.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

For self-improvement, your child can join Pacific Valley students in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. This youth development program, established in 1956, enables young people aged 14 and above to explore their potential in physical and intellectual domains. The Duke of Edinburgh offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, recognizing individual progress through goal-setting, persistence, and achievements. Students acquire new skills, overcome challenges, and strive for personal growth. They develop life skills, take responsibility, and engage with the local community. The Award involves learning a skill, community volunteering, team adventures, and improving physical wellbeing.

School kayaks used for co-curricular activities

OneMaker Academy

OneMaker Academy is our centre of excellence for the performing arts. It nurtures creative talent across all grades at Pacific Valley. Music tuition covers various instruments such as Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Harmonica, Musicianship and Theory, Piano, Recorder, Saxophone, Trumpet, and Ukulele. Art classes offer Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Cartoon Techniques, Digital Art, Oil Painting, and Realism for individual students and groups in Years 7-12. Dancing enthusiasts aged 9-14 can join our OMA troupes for School and non-School events.

Drum lesson


Is your child sporty? Would they like to compete at a higher level? Pacific Valley understands the many benefits that sports offers to young people and we provide opportunities for students with an interest in individual and team sporting activities to compete off-campus at local, regional and state levels.

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