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Team Building

At Pacific Valley we provide a wide range of sporting opportunities to suit students of all ages and abilities. From classroom participation all the way to State level competition.

Students playing basketball
Student in sports uniform playing cricket

Beneficial To All

Physical Education classes are held every week for students between Kindy and Year 10 and they encourage them to become physically active. Key movement concepts, skill development, team work and communication are just some of the attributes that our students are taught. This is a time when your child will discover their inherent talents and build on them, or choose to learn a new skill.

We provide a wide range of individual and team based sports including athletics, AFL, cricket, Futsal, gymnastics, modified team games, netball, swimming, soccer, softball, tennis and touch football.



Sports Pathways

Pathways run by the Christian Schools Sport Association and Combined Independent Schools enable your child to compete in a variety of sports at State level. This opportunity is available to those in Years 4-12. The options include athletics, cross country, Futsal, netball, swimming, soccer and touch football. Selectors attend trials and gala days where they nominate students or whole teams to compete at CSSA events. Successful competitors can then be selected for CIS tournaments.

Student in pool at school swimming carnival

Clan Competition

To help build camaraderie and team spirit our students from K-12 are grouped into sports clans: Elliot Wolves, Carmichael Lions, Slessor Eagles and Mueller Bears. Throughout the year they compete in a range of events such as athletics, cross country and swimming. At the same time, those in Years 5-12 engage in round robin style sports in which they collect points for their sports clan. At the end of each year the points are tallied up and the winning clan is named Pacific Valley Sports Clan Champion.
Group of students playing basketball

In Community

We understand that physical activity and competitive sports are an important part of the holistic development of our students. Not only do they contribute to a healthy lifestyle, they also allow students to discover and develop individual giftings. From K-12 we provide opportunities for your child to master their skills and achieve their personal best. At the same time, being part of a team helps young people to be humble and respect others, value others' giftings, collaborate in a common goal, communicate and be in community with others.