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Fun intro to learning

Prep at a glance

Maximum number of students per prep class
Visits to the Library each year
400 +
Play breaks your child will have in a year
6 +
Whole school events your child will be involved in per year
4 +
The age your child can start at Prep
Prep students exploring blocks in classroom

School Readiness Experience

Our "Preppies" are provided with a range of engaging and age-appropriate activities that are specifically designed to prepare them for their transition to Kindergarten.

With a focus on fostering curiosity, creativity, and a desire to explore and respond to new experiences, our program provides a solid foundation in the key skills that your child will develop throughout their education.

Story time for prep

Positive Behaviour

At our school, we prioritise the development of positive behaviour in our students, which is why we have implemented a comprehensive Positive Behaviour Program that is available to all students in the Junior School grades.

This program is designed to empower students to make good choices about their behaviour, while also encouraging them to maintain a strong focus on their learning.

Prep having fun blowing bubbles


You have the flexibility to choose from either two or three days per week, depending on your schedule and availability.

We understand that your schedule may change throughout the year, which is why we offer the convenience of being able to adjust the times you attend our program. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Safe Community

Illustration of a heart

A safe, supportive and caring community

Illustration of a flower

Your child will be lovingly nurtured and valued

Illustration of a lightbulb

We believe each child is unique and gifted by God

Illustration of a bears head

Opportunities to make lasting friendships

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

- John 14:6

Teacher helping a prep student work through a problem

Integrated Program

We provide your child with a mixture of in-class and outdoor learning and play. Literacy and numeracy lessons, based around the NESA Early Stage One curriculum, are complemented by music, sport, science, and visits to the library. We integrate our Bible-based Christian Education program into student learning right from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and visit the School?
Yes. We offer personal school tours throughout the year where you can meet our staff, ask questions about how we educate and nurture children, and see our campus. Click below to register for a personalised tour.
Do we have to be Christians to enrol?
No. We welcome families from a variety of backgrounds, faiths including those who are not churchgoers. However, all families enrolled at Pacific Valley are required to support and respect the Christian beliefs and values.
Does Prep include structured learning?

Yes. Prep classes follow a structured program that includes a mix of foundational literacy and numeracy lessons, as well as regular extension activities such as music, sport, science and library experiences. There is a mixture of in-class and outdoor learning and play.