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2024 Annual Tuition Fees

Year Eldest Student Second Student
K - Year 4 $2,050 $1,025
Year 5 - 6 $2,280 $1,140
Year 7 - 8 $2,760 $1,380
Year 9 - 11 $2,990 $1,495
Year 12^ $2,990 $1,495
Prep 2 days^^ $1,530
Prep 3 days^^ $2,290

 ^    Year 12 billed over 3 Terms
Sibling concessions are not available for Prep students.

Please download the 2024 Fee Schedule for the full list of conditions.

Student Accident Insurance

The school has an insurance plan in place to provide financial benefits to students and their family in the event of accidental injury. The cover is for 24 hours a day/seven days a week (exclusions apply). Please refer to the PGOCS Insurance Parents Fact Sheet for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should an accident occur:

  1. Report the accident as soon as possible to school administration.
  2. Pay all medical and other accounts as the insurer will not pay those on your behalf.
  3. Make your Medicare claim.
  4. Make Private Health insurance claims, as the insurer’s obligation is only for any portion not covered by Private Health.

How do I make a claim?

  1. Complete the School Student Accident Claim Form and have the school’s principal or registrar complete the bottom section.
  2. Have a doctor complete the Medical Practitioner’s Statement,
  3. Send both forms to the addresses shown on the forms.